Bring the reef into your home

Add the dazzling colors and vibrant life of the sea  into your home. A beautiful reef aquarium display can be had in any size tank and doesn't have to cost a fortune.

How dangerous are they​??

Everything you ever wanted to know about the lionfish invasion and some things you'd probably rather not know!

Planted Aquarium Splendor

A planted aquarium can be as magnificent as the most amazing reef tank and possibly as complex. But it doesn't have to be. Let us show you how!

Fascinating Aquatic Turtles

In addition to fish we carry a variety of aquatic turtle species. Learn how to properly care for them and the rules that govern their sale.

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What's new?


     Greetings! So what's new? WE ARE!! Coming soon to Jacksonville is Reeflections Aquarium. The retail aspect of the business is being relocated from Marathon in the keys. We have a lease on our space and we are currently under construction. The store is 3250 square feet, likely making it the largest "aquatics only" store in north Florida. Don't have a total volume yet, but there is gonna be a LOT of water in here! We are more than doubling the tank space of the original keys store. We will have an extensive line of fresh and salt water fish, invertebrates, and plants as well as all the associated supplies. Maintenance services and custom work are our specialties.

   Reeflections has had a long and varied history and while new to the area is not new to the business. The company was started as a small retail outlet in Tampa in the 90's as "Coral Seas Aquarium". After operating successfully the store was sold to an incoming "big box" company and moved inside of their location. I continued to operate their aquatics division until I chose to leave to devote more time to aquarium maintenance services. Not long after I was hired on as the general manager Of Marine Warehouse Aquarium, to this day the largest aquatics only store in the state, while concurrently operating my maintenance business. After 13 wonderful years at Marine Warehouse I chose to leave the Tampa area and relocate to the keys where I purchased a small wholesale aquarium fish collection business. While fun and fascinating this turned out to be a ton of work for very little reward and after a little over a year I sold that part of the company. At that point I opened Marathon Pet Center. This was a 2400 square foot full line store in the heart of the Keys that specialized in aquatics. At present it is no longer in operation.  Though damage to the store itself in the hurricane was minimal, damage to the customer base was catastrophic. The store was closed in January and the stock and equipment were moved to Jacksonville. Jacksonville is a beautiful city and I am looking forward to making it the new home for both myself and the company. I hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you and provide for all your needs. See you soon!!


Happy Thanksgiving to all! Time to post all the specials for the weekend. I took a bunch of pictures but I couldn't get them to upload to the facebook page so I'll have Ashton do that in the morning. But in the meantime here are all the specials we will be offering.

Friday from 10 to 3 we will be doing all frags regularly priced up to $40 for 50% off. Once again that is Friday only from 10 to 3.

The full weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we will be doing the following:
25% Off ALL Livestock
$50 OFF Bio Cube aquariums, either 16 or 32 gallons.
     Plus $20 off the matching stands.
10% OFF all other nano all-in-one tank kits
$10 OFF any bulk size salt mix 175 gals or larger
Buy 2, get 1 FREE all frozen cube pack foods

We will be open our normal hours all three days however I only have help till about 3pm on these days so be aware that if you come after that and its busy there may be a wait time. I appreciate your patience.

Most of our suppliers did not ship this week so there wasn't a lot of new arrivals this week, but I brought in a lot the past few weeks so there's plenty to choose from. Highlights of new stuff that did come in this week includes lg foxfaces, scissortail chromis, engineer gobies and coral cats, plus some unusual Caribbean stuff including swissguard basselets, a real nice medium queen, and a rose butterfly. Freshwater is packed including beautiful angels and discus, new small and medium peacocks and great plants. Thank you very much for your support and hope to see you all this weekend!