I hope everyone is doing well during these difficult and changing times. We are still open as pet stores are considered "necessary businesses" by the state. However we have reduced hours and made some changes to our operating procedures. 

Our new, and hopefully temporary hours are noon to five pm daily except for Wednesdays when we have always been closed.


We ask that you ty to limit your time in the store as much as possible simply to try and reduce the interaction time between our staff and the public to protect your health and ours. Way too many people simply are not taking this outbreak seriously and just using us as an "entertainment venue". We are getting bored too, but this is not the time for browsing and tire-kicking and not the place to bring your kids to keep them occupied. 

To that end we ask that you please leave your children at home and only come in when you plan to make a purchase. 

The availability of livestock is at an all time low right now as almost all imports of fish have ended and most wholesale operations are closed and there are few flights available to transport livestock. The only items that have not been effected much is tank raised clowns, coral frags, and locally farmed freshwater fish. Therefore don't be disappointed when you see a lot more empty tanks than normal.

We can only hope this situation resolves itself soon and we can back to whatever the "new normal" is. We will continue to operate under these conditions for as long as its fiscally practical. I thank you for your all your past and present support and hope that you will continue to remember us for your aquarium care needs. We can't survive without you!

We do have plenty of dry stock available for your daily needs. We have noticed that our vendors are experiencing more and more "outs" but we are doing our best to keep the basics fully stocked such as salt, foods, and chemicals. We are of course still selling R/O water. 

We will be updating the situation on Facebook regularly, please follow us at "REEFLECTIONS AQUARIUM".

Be safe and we will all get through this together!!

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